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Choosing industrial solvents, degreasers and hand cleaners isn't a priority for some people, but it is for those who have to use them. Your bottom line is performance. So is ours. But not at the expense of your personnel or environmental safety.

With the genuine BioSol brand of products on your side, there's never a trade-off. You get performance, with safety you can trust. For the most challenging cleanups in any industry - bitumen, invert drilling mud, asphaltenes, creosote, crude oil, pine tar, pulp pitch, turbine smoke, coal dust. 

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The Complete Line of BioSol Products

BioSol Products are specialized into three categories. Find a cleaner best suited to your purpose by selecting one of the categories below:


Degreasers, Cleaners and Solvents

GearSol HyperSol 610 Degreaser LevaSol 310 Degreaser MudWash 210 MegaSol Degreaser SurfiSol 315 Cleaner SyntheSol Solvent TarSol UltraSol ViscoSol 615 Degreaser

H2S Scavengers

H2Sol MegaSol-s HyperSol-s

Specialty Products

AggreSol CAP1050 AggreSol DCC1100 ArmorSol Protective Barrier CheetahFast Hand Cleaner LithoSol LubriSol ReleaSol Release Agent SuperKik SyntheSol-i WePenSol