Thick, hardened layers of invert mud, dirt, sand & sludge mixed with heavy oils like bitumen, is what inspired the powerful, safe and effective chemistries of the BioSol line. The extreme cleaning challenges found in the Oil & Gas sector are confronted by BioSol’s extreme cleaning solutions that truly provide safety and performance you can trust. 

Introducing the BioSol OilPack

A complete line of oilfield proven products from BioSol, the leading name in health, safety and environmentally sound, industrial strength cleaning products. From rigwash to invert-mud solvents and degreasers, the BioSol OilPack has you covered for all your rig cleaning needs.

Contains a unique blend of organic solvents, surfactants, emulsifiers, chelates and corrosion inhibitors that ensure faster, less labor intensive cleaning. Excess moisture is dispersed very quickly to accelerate drying time and a protective finish inhibits flash rust on exposed metals. And, of course, there are no hazardous fumes or hidden toxic by-products. LevaSol 310 Rigwash is fully biodegradable, user safe and improves work site safety.

  • Rig washing in oil & gas operations
  • Drill equipment, subs, collars, mud motors, and BOP's
  • Crude, drilling mud, drill solids, drill floor, platforms, walkways, pipe
  • Derricks, draw works, pumps, vehicles, heavy equipment, buildings
  • Non-caustic, non-flammable, anti-corrosive
  • No harmful fumes or hidden toxins
  • Non-hazardous to wildlife and vegetation

A powerful combination of organic, inorganic and synthetic solvents that stand up to the toughest degreasing challenges. Yet, it does not contain the carcinogens or hidden toxins often associated with their use. Count on HyperSol 610 Rigdegreaser to quickly dissolve oil, grease, asphaltenes, wax adhesives and organic materials. And, a special blend of additives ensures a clean, residue-free rinse.

  • Crude oil, asphaltenes, bitumen, invert muds
  • Drill rigs, service rigs, downhole tools
  • Rig degreaser, distillates, grease
  • Oil tanks, cylinder heads, generators
  • No petroleum distillates
  • No chlorides, butyls or halogens
  • 100% active, high soil loading capacity


MegaSol Degreaser introduces a break through technology that provides a powerful solution to effectively and safely deal with any combination of soil, mud or sand mixed with heavy oils.

  • Oil sands, bitumen, heavy oil
  • Heavy grease, asphaltenes, invert muds
  • Drill rigs, service rigs, oilfield equipment
  • Tanks, heavy equipment, well heads
  • Non toxic, low VOC's
  • Not regulated under TDG
  • Fast penetration
  • High soil loading capacity, high solvency


The very latest in synthetic solvent technology and your best bet for heavy degreasing, even in biting-cold operating conditions. SyntheSol Solvent SDS-W cuts heavy oil, wax, asphaltines, lube oils and grease without compromising the health and well being of your personnel or the environment. And, it's not controlled under Transportation of Dangerous Goods legislation (TDG) so itcan be shipped anywhere by the carrier of your choice.

  • Varsol replacement
  • Drilling & service rig, parts washers
  • Casing, drill pipe threads
  • Grease, pipe dope, lubes, distillates
  • Non-flammable, inhibits spot rusting
  • Lasts 5-7 times longer than petroleum solvents
  • Not controlled by TDG