Our Vision

“We see Creation preserved, and the lives of People enhanced, fulfilling potential through an ever-green discovery of new possibilities!” 

Our Mission

“We create and supply practical, working solutions with an unprecedented optimization of performance to industry: incorporating product - health, safety and the environment - and real value to the corporate bottom line.”

We are committed to developing product alternatives that meet or exceed the customer's performance specifications, without causing harm to the user's health or the environment. Ongoing research programs will expand areas in which our customer is able to achieve the desired results without relying on hazardous substances.

Our Corporate Mandate

  • To provide our customer the most advanced technology available on the market today.
  • To develop products that deliver the performance qualities needed without compromising health and safety.
  • To offer products that help companies reduce or eliminate the potential for environmental liability.
  • To manufacture products that are competitively priced, cost efficient and help reduce labour costs.
  • To deliver environmental responsible products that sustain or enhance our customer's Corporate Image.
  • To demonstrate that Environmental Preservation and Economic Viability can go hand in hand.
  • To respect the concept that "A Shared World is a Shared Responsibility".

Our Operational Philosophy

Sustainable Development requires that natural resources and other environmental assets be managed for the short-term benefit of our society, with long-term interests in mind. That means altering practices that lead to environmental problems. Our success will not be achieved at the expense of the planet or future generations. We believe that a shared world is a shared responsibility and will continue to do our part by designing technologies that directly support sustainable development.

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