Whether it’s cleaning carbon from an excavator or asphalt from a paver or hardened scale buildup from a radiator, the BioSol line of biodegradable & non-toxic products provide powerful and effective solutions to keep your equipment clean and your operators safe.

BioSol’s line of degreasers, descalers and specialty products not only provide exceptional performance when tackling the toughest industrial strength cleaning challenges, it also provides exceptional safety to the user and the environment.

Included here are a collection of the many BioSol products used to safely and effectively take on the toughest cleaning challenges in the Construction industry. For more information on the safety and performance of each BioSol product click on the products icon’s below.


Degreasers, Cleaners and Solvents

GearSol HyperSol 610 Degreaser LevaSol 310 Degreaser MudWash 210 MegaSol Degreaser SurfiSol 315 Cleaner SyntheSol Solvent TarSol UltraSol ViscoSol 615 Degreaser WePenSol

H2S Scavengers

H2Sol MegaSol-s HyperSol-s

Specialty Products

AggreSol CAP1050 AggreSol DCC1100 ArmorSol Protective Barrier CheetahFast Hand Cleaner Kik Detergent LithoSol LubriSol ReleaSol Release Agent SuperKik SyntheSol-i